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The incidence - and the cost - of stress related health problems are skyrocketing. Recent research studies have shown that stress related illnesses now cost businesses in the UK millions annually. Part of the problem is the increased pace and tight deadlines produced by our high-tech environment.

Many of us drive to and from work in rush hour traffic. We work long hours at computer terminals with little time for breaks.




We sit for hours at a time cradling a telephone between our ears and shoulders - and as we work, nearly all of us sit improperly in the chairs we occupy. These conditions - added to "normal" workday stress - keep our muscles tense and tight.

Under these fast paced - time pressured conditions, to work at your best - you have to feel your best. A relaxed person whose mind is free to think clearly is at their best A 15-20 minute massage may help to: Increase mental clarity, Decrease eyestrain and fatigue, Encourage aches to ease as muscles relax and vitality returns.

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